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Guide To Play Corner Kick Bets in Football Betting

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Corner kick bets are one of the wager types in football betting that most bettors are familiar with. Corner betting carries its own unique allure for many players when engaging with bookmakers. So, what exactly are corner kick bets? How can you analyze corner kick odds effectively? If you have these questions in mind, don't miss the following articles!


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What Are Corner Kick Bets?

Corner kick bets fall into the category of side bets in football betting, similar to yellow card, red card, or over/under bets. While not as widespread as other bet types, corner kick betting holds a special appeal for players.

With corner kick bets, you don't need to concern yourself with the match's final outcome, which team will win or lose, or how many goals will be scored. Instead, you focus solely on the total number of corner kicks in the match. Additionally, there are other aspects to consider, such as which team will be awarded the first corner kick or which team will take the most corner kicks. Bookmakers typically assess the corner kick odds based on detailed match statistics and provide various betting options to choose from. So, what makes corner kick betting interesting?

How to Analyze Corner Kick Odds

Bettors may understand what corner kick betting is and various other bet types. However, many people need to be cautious about how they approach corner kick betting to achieve the best results. Or how to decipher the density of corner kicks? Wintips is here to make it easy for you to analyze corner kick odds!

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Corner Kick Betting Tips

Corner kick betting is an enticing wager type for football enthusiasts. To win big, you not only need to know how to analyze corner kick odds but also apply some betting tips. Below, we provide you with some tips to effectively analyze corner kick odds:

Team Form

When placing bets on corner kicks, the playing style and form of the teams are crucial factors. Therefore, it's essential for bettors to have a clear understanding of the team lineups, strategies, key players, and offensive and defensive tactics. Knowing the attacking and defensive styles of the teams involved can help you make more accurate corner kick predictions.

Select Appropriate Bets

Choosing the right corner kick bets depends on the teams or sports involved in the football matches. Therefore, bettors should carefully consider their bets based on the matches they are betting on.

Teams considered stronger often have a higher chance of winning corner kicks early in the match because of their attacking tendencies.

Teams needing late goals usually have a good opportunity to earn corner kicks during injury time.

Matches with a high number of corner kicks often see the first corner kick executed between the 6th and 8th minutes of the game. Conversely, games with fewer corner kicks usually have no corner kicks in the first 15 minutes.

Teams with players who excel in aerial duels are more likely to capitalize on corner kicks awarded to their opponents.

Late first-half and early second-half periods, when neither team has scored, tend to have more corner kicks as both teams are eager to attack and score.

Analyze the Odds Selection

A valuable tip for corner kick betting is to review the bookmakers' odds before placing your bets. Betting options can include aspects like the starting lineups of teams and the significance of each team's corner kick bets.

Avoid relying on intuition or chance when making your selections. Bettors should gather corner kick statistics from previous games or seek advice from experts to make the most effective betting choices.


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Here, you've found all the key points about corner kick betting. This article is especially geared toward helping you understand how to use corner kick odds in an easily comprehensible manner. Try this betting type in your future wagers to increase your potential rewards!


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